Trodat / Ideal Replacement Pads

Ideal and Trodat Replacement Pads

After re-inking your Ideal/Trodat stamps no longer improves the impressions, extend its life with a replacement pad in your choice of colors.

With so many replacement pads to choose from, and with the confusion that can come from when Trodat purchased the Ideal brand, we can help answer your questions as to which replacement pad works best with your stamp. Whether it is the original Ideal 100 or the new Ideal/Trodat 100/4913, call or email us to find the right pad for your stamp.

Ideal/Trodat Replacement Pads

Original Ideal Replacement Pads

Ideal 5000 Series Replacement Pads

Ideal 6000 Series Replacement Pad

Ideal 7000 Replacement Pads

MaxStamp Replacement Stamps

Trodat Replacement Pads