Endorsement Stamps

Make endorsing the back of your checks quick and easy!

Have questions as to which stamp type to use? Click here to see the differences between the brands.

Standard Bank Endorsements

Compact Bank Endorsements

1 Line Bank Endorsements

Do you need an endorsement stamp?

There are many reasons to use an endorsement/bank deposit stamp.

  • It can save you time from having to hand endorse every check
  • Using a deposit stamp with appropriate account information can also save hassles for businesses and people with more than one account
  • An endorsement stamp can help stop preventable loss

Studies show that 7% of all annual business revenue is lost due to theft and fraud, with 45% of that being from employees. All business should have a fraud avoidance plan in place and a key part of that is using a "for deposit only" stamp on all incoming checks to prevent employees from cashing them.

All of our bank stamps fit standard sized checks and we guarantee deposit stamp quality.