Alabama Professional Engineer Seals

Alabama Engineer and Land Surveyor Seal Requirements

The seals to be used by the licensees are to be circular in form and from 1 5/8 to 2 inches in diameter with copy of the design to be furnished to each new licensee. It is not necessary to have the E or S after your number as long as the stamp reads Professional Engineer or Professional Land Surveyor.

Alabama Architect Seal Requirements

Each registrant must obtain a seal of a design authorized by the Board bearing the registrant's name, the legend "Registered Architect(s)," the words "State of Alabama" and the registrant's license registration number. The seal may be a rubber stamp, an impression seal, or a computer-generated seal, if allowed by the Authority Having Jurisdiction. The seal shall be circular, two inches in diameter, and shall contain an outer circle which reads "STATE OF ALABAMA" at the top and "REGISTERED ARCHITECT" at the bottom. The architect's name and registration number must be placed inside the inner circle.

Alabama Landscape Architect Seal Requirements

The seal must bear the registrant's name, the registrant's registration number, the words "Registered Landscape Architect", and the words "State of Alabama". The seal shall have an outside diameter of 2" with a solid border 1/16" wide on the outside edge. There shall be another 1/16" solid inner border defining a 1/4" outer ring wherein "STATE OF ALABAMA" is at the top and "REGISTERED LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT" is at the bottom. The center circle will then be divided at the center with a horizontal line with name above and number below the line.

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