Alaska Professional Engineer Seals

Alaska Professional Seal Requirements

Each registrant may obtain a seal of the design authorized by the board, bearing the registrant's name, registration number, and the legend "Registered Professional Architect," "Registered Professional Engineer," "Registered Professional Land Surveyor," or "Registered Professional Landscape Architect," as appropriate.

For Engineer Seals, the seal must reflect the branch of engineering authorized by the board. This identification is to be placed below the registrant's name and preceding the registrant's number on the seal as noted:

  • AG - Agricultural Engineer
  • CE - Civil Engineer
  • CS - Control Systems Engineer
  • EC - Chemical Engineer
  • EE - Electrical Engineer
  • EM - Mining and Mineral Processing Engineer
  • EP - Petroleum Engineer
  • EV - Environmental Engineer
  • FP - Fire Protection Engineer
  • IN - Industrial Engineer
  • ME - Mechanical Engineer
  • MM - Metallurgical and Materials Engineer
  • NM - Naval Architecture and Marine Engineer
  • NU - Nuclear Engineer
  • SE - Structural Engineer

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