Connecticut Professional Engineer Seals

Connecticut Engineer Seal Requirements

Each licensee, upon notification of licensure, will be authorized to obtain an official seal of a size and design prescribed by the Board. A rubber stamp of identical size and design to the specified seal shall suffice. Seals are to be 1 1/2 inches in diameter and as per design shown hereon.

Connecticut Architect Seal Requirements

Each architect shall have a seal approved by the board, which shall contain the name of the architect and the words, "Licensed Architect, State of Connecticut", and such other words or figures as the board deems necessary. A seal and rubber stamp facsimile conforming to the below figures as applicable is approved.

Each corporation granted a certificate of authorization for the practice of architecture shall purchase and use an embossing seal. The use of a rubber stamp of the same size, design and content as that of the embossing seal is permissible.

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