Florida Professional Engineer Seals

Florida Engineer and Land Surveyor Seal Requirements

Any seal capable of leaving a permanent ink representation or other form of opaque and permanent impression which contains the information described herein is acceptable to the board. Embossing impression seals which do not provide an opaque and permanent impression or permanent ink representation and computer generated seals which otherwise comply with these provisions are also acceptable to the Board.

Said seal shall be a minimum of 1 7/8" in diameter and shall be of a design similar to those set forth below. The seal may contain an abbreviated form of the licensee's given name or a combination of initials representing the licensee's given name provided the surname listed with the Board appears on the seal and in the signature.

Florida Architect and Interior Designer Seal Requirements

The seal shall contain the name of only one architect or interior designer and the registration number, the seal of the architect shall be circular, and the seal of the interior designer shall be hexagonal. Both seals shall be approximately 2" in diameter with two circular lines between which lines shall appear, at the top, the words "State of Florida" and at the bottom the words "registered architect" or "registered interior designer," whichever is applicable.

Florida Landscape Architect Seal Requirements

The seal shall be capable of leaving a permanent ink representation or other form of embossing or opaque and permanent impression, which also may be computer-generated impressions, on the surface of prints or other duplications of drawings and, as appropriate, upon specification pages and other articles of service. The seal must include the words "State of Florida", "Landscape Architect", the licensee's name as it appears on his or her license and the license number.

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