Hawaii Professional Engineer Seals

Hawaii Engineer and Architect Seal Requirements

The licensee shall use a seal or stamp that is legible and reproducible of the following design:

  1. Two circles - a smaller one, 1 1/8" in diameter, within a larger one, 1 1/2" in diameter. The name of the licensee and the words "Hawaii, U.S.A." shall be in the outer or annular space. The words "Licensed Professional Engineer", "Licensed Professional Architect", "Licensed Professional Land Surveyor", or "Licensed Professional Landscape Architect", together with the licensee's number, shall be inserted in the center space;
  2. The engineer shall also insert in the center space and after the license number, the abbreviation of the engineering branch in which the engineer has especially qualified; and
  3. The engineering branch abbreviations shall be:
    • "Ag." - Agricultural;
    • "Ch." - Chemical;
    • "C." - Civil;
    • "E." - Electrical;
    • "I." - Industrial;
    • "M." - Mechanical; and
    • "S." - Structural.
  4. An engineer who is licensed in more than one branch shall have a seal or rubber stamp for each branch.

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