Kansas Professional Engineer Seals

Kansas Professional Seal Requirements

The approved seal shall be an embossed or rubber circular or computer generated seal consisting of two concentric circles.

The outer circle shall be 1 5/8 inches in diameter. The inner circle shall be 1 1/16 inches in diameter. The arc between the two circles shall contain the licensee's name at the top, and "PROFESSIONAL ENGINEER" below. The exceptions are of course, in the case of Architects, the word "ARCHITECT", in the case of Landscape Architects, the words "LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS", in the case of Professional Surveyors, the words "PROFESSIONAL SURVEYOR", and in the case of Geologists, the word "GEOLOGIST". The inner circle shall contain the words "LICENSED" at the top, and "KANSAS" below, and the number of the license in the center.

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