Kentucky Professional Engineer Seals

Kentucky Professional Engineer and Land Surveyor Seal Requirements

Each professional engineer or professional land surveyor shall, upon licensure, obtain a seal or stamp of the design authorized by the board, bearing his or her name, license number, and the words "Licensed Professional Engineer" or "Licensed Professional Land Surveyor." KRS 322.340 requires every licensee to have an embossed metallic seal or a rubber stamp. The minimum sizes are 1 3/8" for the engineering seal or stamp (maximum size of 1 5/8") and 1 1/4" for the surveying seal or stamp (maximum size 1 1/2").

Kentucky Architect Seal Requirements

Each architect registered for practice within the Commonwealth of Kentucky shall sign, date and imprint with his seal all documents prepared by him or under his supervision, and shall secure and use for this purpose a seal of the following design of two (2) concentric circles:

  1. The outer circle to be one and nine-sixteenths (1 9/16) inches in diameter and the inner circle to be one (1) inch in diameter;
  2. The upper portion of the annular space between the two (2) circles shall bear the name of the registrant;
  3. The lower portion of the annular space shall bear the word "Architect"; and
  4. The space enclosed by the inner circle shall be divided into an upper and lower half:
    • The upper portion shall consist of three (3) lines, the word "Registered," then the abbreviation "No.," and then the number of the certificate of the registrant; and
    • The lower portion shall contain, in three (3) lines, the words "Commonwealth of Kentucky."

It shall be permissible to combine the names and registration numbers of two (2) or more registered architects from the same office on one (1) seal. The names of any persons who are not registered architects on any such combination shall not be permitted.

Kentucky Landscape Architect Seal Requirements

KRS 323A.080 requires that a licensed landscape architect secure an embossed circular seal of the design prescribed by the administrative regulation of the board and that a working drawing, specification or report prepared by, or under the supervision of, the individual, partnership, or firm bear the imprint of the seal. The seal shall:

  1. Be two (2) inches in diameter; and
  2. Contain the following information in the impression of the seal;
    • The words "State of Kentucky" at the top between the two (2) knurled circles;
    • The words "Registered Landscape Architect" in a like position at the bottom;
    • The individual's name place horizontally in the circular field; and
    • The individual's certificate number placed horizontally beneath the name.

Kentucky Geologist Seal Requirements

Each registrant may, upon registration, obtain and use a seal or stamp of registration of the design authorized by the board, containing the registrant's name and number and the legend "Registered Professional Geologist."

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