Louisiana Professional Engineer Seals

Louisiana Professional Engineer and Land Surveyor Seal Requirements

Each professional engineer or professional land surveyor, upon licensure, shall obtain an official seal. Seals of two sizes are acceptable, 1 5/8 inch seal commonly used in pocket seals and 2 inch seal commonly used in desk seals. Rubber seals of the same design and size are acceptable for use. The design of the seal shall have the following minimum information:

  • State of Louisiana;
  • Licensee's name;
  • License number; and
  • Contain the words "Professional Engineer" or "Professional Engineer in ______ Engineering," or "Professional Land Surveyor."

Louisiana Architect Seal Requirements

Every registered architect shall have a seal or stamp. Rubber seals and computer generated seals are acceptable. This shall contain his name, the words "Registered Architect, State of Louisiana," and the architect's license number. The architect's seal or stamp shall be circular in shape and measure approximately 1 3/4" in diameter

n addition to the words set forth in the preceding paragraph, it shall contain the state emblem. For purposes of this rule, the state emblem is the pelican.

Louisiana Landscape Architect Seal Requirements

Each landscape architect must obtain a seal of the design authoized by the commission. A rubber stamp facsimile, which conforms to the official design of the seal described in §117.B.3.a, may be obtained and used in place of the seal by a licensed landscape architect.

The seal required shall be circular and 1 5/8 inches in diameter. The words "State of Louisiana" shall be along the top circumference and the words "Licensed Landscape Architect" shall be along the bottom circumference. The individual's name shall be placed horizontally in the center of the field with his registration number below.

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